Grading K-12 Students During a Pandemic: a Quick Guide

Over 6 million public school students in California are “sheltering in place” at home. All are supposed to be doing school work through a new “distance learning” curriculum school districts are currently putting into place. One of the biggest questions is whether to grade students’ work — and if they are graded, what kinds of grades, and what can they be used for. The California Department of Education has issued detailed guidance on the issue, but most decisions will be made at a local level.

Will the work students do this spring via distance learning be graded? Will students be graded on an A-F scale? Why did the California Dept. of Education issue its”guidance” for educators, and what’s in it? What about special education students, and others with special needs?  Will they also be graded? Do school districts need permission from the state to award credits on a pass/no pass or credit/no credit basis?

The Grading K-12 Students During a Pandemic Quick Guide from EdSource answers these questions and more. Quick Guides are updated on a regular basis as new information becomes avaialable.

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