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Having Second Thoughts About Sending Your Child Off to College in These Difficult Times?

The deposit is in, and your family has made the best decision possible about what school to attend in the fall, given the pandemic.

But as the days have passed, you’ve started to wonder if it was the right decision. Or perhaps your child is returning to college or considering a school for 2021, and the location is giving you pause.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? You’re not alone.  Parents all over the country are wondering the same thing.

In an article for The Wall Street Journal, two parents discuss their opposing views on whether it’s safe to send their kids back to school, and whether safety is the real issue: “‘It would be like sending them on a cruise ship,’ says Dr. Kavita Nanda, a public-health physician in Cary, N.C. Doctor Nanda worries that while their age group might have a low mortality rate, the long-term complications and effects that result from getting sick with Covid-19 are unknown.”

The mother of twin sons in college, she argues that people are thinking more about their own children instead of considering the safety of the entire community.

The other parent, Ms. Kris Koval, a lawyer who is now a novelist, feels colleges should open, and while safety is important, there are always dangers: “All of life is a risk calculation,” she says.

Some of the families from the Paying for College 101 Facebook group weighed in on COVID-19, protests around the country, how they’re feeling about the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming school year, and choices they’ve made or are considering, especially given the myriad ways schools that will open are approaching how they open. Read some of the highlights from the thread on the Road2College website.

Excerpted from “Having Second Thoughts About Sending Your Child Off to College in These Difficult Times?”  Read the full blog post on the Road2College website.

Source: Road2College | Having Second Thoughts About Sending Your Child Off to College in These Difficult Times?, https://www.road2college.com/parents-worry-about-sending-their-kids-off-to-college | © 2021 Road2College

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