Integrating SEL in PE Nets Gains for Schools

Educators who adopted a standards-based physical education and health program integrating social-emotional learning into lesson plans are seeing positive results after a pilot implementation in 20 schools, according to a press release from the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE).

According to the release, the free “health.moves.minds.” program was created to address the growing number of students around the country with anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns.

The program will now be available nationwide and includes standards-based lessons for grades K-2, 3-5 and 6-8, with accompanying activity materials and assessment resources, as well as opportunities for school-wide engagement, parent involvement and community service. Lessons for grades 9-12 will be available next spring.

Bill Casey, chair of the Physical Education Department at Illinois’ Neuqua Valley High School, one of the 20 schools to pilot the program, says integrating SEL in physical education has prompted students to advocate for their own mental health and the emotional wellbeing of their peers.

“We’ve had several students reach out to teachers to share their mental health struggles and ask for help,” Casey said. But he pointed out threading SEL in the curriculum required correct timing, as well as teacher and parent buy-in.

Schools embedding SEL throughout the curriculum have seen benefits including student emotional self-regulation, improved behavior and academic growth, according to various experts. Some educators even believe a strong SEL program can decrease bullying rates.

Integrating social-emotional skill-building into physical education is part of a greater emphasis on SEL as integral to a “whole-child education.” Following the trend, schools are looking for ways to incorporate SEL skills across various subject areas.
Excerpted from “Integrating SEL in PE nets gains for schools” in Education DIVE. Read the full article.

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