Language to Use When Talking About Suicide

As we learn more about suicide, our language has evolved. We are trying to learn more about people who think about or attempt suicide, and to be compassionate and thoughtful when we talk about it.

The more we can use language that accurately and sensitively describes suicide, the more we encourage a healthy and respectful way to talk about suicide.

A few tips from beyondblue, an Australian mental health resource…

Avoid stigmatizing terminology

  • Committed suicide
  • Successful suicide
  • Completed suicide
  • Failed attempt at suicide
  • Unsuccessful suicide

Use appropriate terminology

  • Died by suicide
  • Suicided
  • Ended his/her life
  • Took his/her life
  • Attempt to end his/her life

Learn more about how to talk about suicide in a way that is helpful and healthy. The beyondblue website,, also offers resources for anxiety and depression, grief and loss, self-harm and self-injury, and suicide prevention.


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