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Reopening Schools: Health and Safety Challenges for Kids Who Learn and Think Differently

As schools reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic, new health and safety rules may be hard for kids to follow. Wearing a mask all day? Social distancing? Find out which routines may be extra hard for kids who learn and think differently—and how to help.

The Understood team has assembled a collection of articles and tip sheets to help your child make the transition back to in-person learning. Check out the articles below:

Trouble Wearing Masks: Tips to Help Kids at School

Wearing face masks is tough for some kids, even in short bursts. Wearing masks for longer stretches when they’re back in school may be a real struggle, especially for kids who learn and think differently. Here are some reasons why it’s hard for kids to wear a mask, and tips for helping.

Social distancing challenges: Tips to help kids at school

Social distancing at school is hard for many kids. But for kids who learn and think differently, following those rules may be even more difficult. Here are some reasons why, plus tips for helping:

Handwashing Challenges: Tips to Help Kids at School

Kids going back to physical school this year will have new responsibilities. That includes frequent handwashing. Young kids may not yet have the skills to do it. But even older ones may struggle, especially kids with certain learning and thinking differences. Here are some reasons why, and quick tips for helping.

Child Can’t Wind Down at Night? Why Some Kids Struggle to Go to Sleep

Is your child’s bedtime routine a struggle? Does your child avoid going to bed or have trouble falling asleep? Do you find yourself saying “You need to stop getting out of bed” over and over? Read this article for tips on getting your child to bed on time.

How to teach new classroom routines during COVID-19

No matter the context, some routines may stir up anxiety or other emotions that can make it hard to teach and follow the routines. Supporting your students socially and emotionally during distance learning can make routines less stressful.

Source: Understood | Reopening Schools: Health and Safety Challenges for Kids Who Learn and Think Differently, https://www.understood.org/en/school-learning/for-educators/universal-design-for-learning/school-health-safety-challenges-for-kids | Copyright © 2014–2021 Understood For All Inc
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