Staying Safe on the Internet [web resource]

teen with laptop photoThe internet has opened up a whole new world for people of all ages, but it does come with some risks. How much do you know about internet safety?

Check out the following links on for information about how to stay safe online.

Safe surfing:  Learn how to determine whether a website is reliable, what to do if you end up on a site that has inappropriate content or makes you uncomfortable, how to protect yourself against viruses and malware, and more.
Safe chatting and IMing:  Tips for selecting online identities, chat room and social media practices, and instant messaging safety.
Safety in online communities:  Recommendations for protecting your identity and other personal information online.
Protecting yourself from cybercrime: Techniques  to protect yourself from identity theft, scams, deceit, and online harrassment.

Source: | Safety on the Internet, | public domain was created in 2002 by the Office on Women’s Health, a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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