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Dear Pandemic: Answers to Your Questions About COVID, Science, & Public Health [web resource]

“Dear Pandemic” is a public service effort by an all-female team of eight PhD/MD-trained scientists across many social, clinical, and bench science disciplines who interpret the latest scientific findings, respond to queries from the public, and dispel myths around the virus via the “Dear Pandemic” website and social media profiles. Read more ›

Why Focusing on Healthy Habits, Not Weight Gain, Can Better Help Kids

We’ve noticed our kids put on some extra weight during this pandemic, and we’re not sure what, if anything, we should do about it. Here are what doctors and specialists who work with kids say about what to do — and not to do — to get your family back on track. Read more ›

Use These 6 Expert Tips To Find The Best Masks For Your Kids

Which masks are best to keep kids safe? It’s a question on many parents’ minds as students return to in-person school in the fall of 2021 amid a huge wave of coronavirus infections. Masking is a key safety measure in schools for all kids, especially for children too young to be eligible for any COVID-19 vaccine. Read more ›

A Vaccine For Children Is Not Likely To Be Approved Until The End Of Year

Parents and caregivers may have to wait until the end of 2021 before a COVID-19 vaccine is approved for young children ages 5 to 11. The news comes from Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health. Read more ›

A Shot Against COVID For Kids Under 12 — Your Questions Answered

Many parents are understandably eager to know when the COVID-19 vaccine will finally be available for children under 12. This age group accounts for about 50 million Americans and currently none of them qualify for a shot. Read more ›

First 5 California [web resource]

First 5 California understands today’s parents face many challenges and tough choices as they raise their kids. First 5 California, also known as the California Children and Families Commission, supports the healthy development of children, from prenatal through age 5, and enriches the lives of their families and communities. Read more ›

CDC Updates Guidelines for Fully Vaccinated People

On April 29, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its recommendations on activities that people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can safely resume. Read more ›

Reopening Schools: Health and Safety Challenges for Kids Who Learn and Think Differently

As schools reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic, new health and safety rules may be hard for kids to follow. Wearing a mask all day? Social distancing? Find out which routines may be extra hard for kids who learn and think differently—and how to help. Read more ›

Anxiety About the Vaccine? Your Vaccine Questions, Answered

Written by Dr. Glen Elliott, PhD, MD; Chief Psychiatrist & Medical Director at CHC

COVID has left us sheltered-in-place, second-guessing every decision, cut off from friends and family, with plans completely out of our control for nearly a year. We’re exhausted, anxious, depressed, lonely and exasperated. Our kids slump over their screens while teachers bend over backwards to keep them educated and engaged. Our weekend calendars stare back at us, blankly. But now there is hope. As vaccines make their way into the world, we can start to imagine a life beyond our 6-foot radius. Read more ›

CDC says Double-Masking Improves Protection From COVID-19

The fit of your mask matters a lot for protection against the novel coronavirus, according to a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). And double masking may be one simple way to get a better fit, the study found. Read more ›

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