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2019_0112_PAUSD_Parent Outreach 358

Getting on an IEP [presentation]

An IEP, or Individualized Education Plan must be in place for a student to receive special education services.

Chris Harris, the Director of CHC’s Esther B. Clark School, explains what an IEP is, the eligibility requirements for an IEP, and how it differs from a 504 plan.  Learn about the types of goals that should be included in an IEP, accommodations, and how parents and guardians can be an advocate for their student. Read more ›

2019_0112_PAUSD_ADHD at Home and At School 357

ADHD at Home and at School [presentation]

In this presentation, Chris Harris, the Director of CHC’s Esther B. Clark School, explains the primary types and the hallmark symptoms of ADHD and how they are manifested in home and school settings.

Learn the most effective practices for in-school and at-home management of ADHD. Read more ›

2019_0112_PAUSD Teen Suicide 356

Teen Suicide: Understanding the Warning Signs [presentation]

Suicide is the 2nd most common cause of death among 10-24 year olds. In this presentation, Vidya Krishnan, Head of Adolescent Mental Health Services at CHC, discusses the warning signs, risk factors, protective factors, and treatment options. Learn what to look for and how you as a parent can help. Read more ›

2019_0112_PAUSD_Twice Exceptional 2e 355

Twice-Exceptionality (2e): What Does It Mean and Why Does It Matter? [presentation]

CHC’s Vivien Keil, Ph.D., and Ann Smith, Executive Director of Gifted Support Center, define what it means to be twice exceptional — that is, both gifted and challenged by a learning difference.

The presenters also discuss the mental health needs of the twice exceptional child, support strategies and treatment options. Read more ›

La Vida de los Adolescentes: Una Perspectiva de Desarrollo [presentation]

¿Cuáles son los desafíos, características y comportamientos típicos de un adolescente?

En esta presentación, Iria Sebastiao de CHC discute la fase adolescente y le ofrece sugerencias prácticas para manejar los retos. Read more ›

2019_0112_PAUSD_ Dyslexia 101 Jan 2019 352

Dyslexia 101 [presentation]

In this presentation from the Palo Alto Unified School District’s Family Leadership Summit,  CHC’s Lisa Parnello builds a basic understanding of dyslexia: what it is, how it presents, and the type of instruction that benefits students with language-based learning differences. Read more ›

DialecticalBehaviorTherapyPart I 349

Understanding the Foundations of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Part I [presentation] [video]

Dr. Stephanie Clarke, Clinical Instructor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University School of Medicine, and clinician at RISE Comprehensive DBT Intensive Outpatient Program shares how DBT’s problem-solving and acceptance-based approaches are helping teens build lives worth living. Read more ›

Helping Kids with Executive Functioning Issues Manage Behavior330

Helping Kids with Executive Functioning Issues Manage Behavior [presentation] [video]

An important aspect of developing Executive Functioning (EF) skills is the ability to manage oneself and one’s behavior.

This session covers EF and the relationship of the mind and body in developing self-awareness. Learn strategies to increase self-monitoring and self-regulation in kids with EF challenges. Read more ›

Anxiety and the Twice Exceptional Child323

Anxiety and the Twice Exceptional Child [presentation] [video]

Students who are twice exceptional have unique challenges. They often experience anxiety as a result of some of those challenges. Read more ›

Yoga, Mindfulness and Kids316

Yoga, Mindfulness and Kids [presentation] [video]

What is mindfulness? How does yoga relate to mindfulness? Learn more about the positive impact of mindfulness and yoga on reducing anxiety, depression, ADHD symptoms and managing stress. Read more ›

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