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Mindfulness: Beyond the Buzzword

What is mindfulness, really, and does it even make a difference?

Listen in to this Voices of Compassion podcast episode as we talk with Jennifer Salomon, Occupational Therapist at CHC, about the physiology of mindfulness and practical ways to be more present (even for skeptics). Because “as soon as we tune in and recognize that we’re not being mindful, we’re already being mindful.” Read more ›

Mindfulness Minutes Series Helps Children Learn About Mindfulness [web resource][video]

You may be wondering why mindfulness is important for your child. Mindfulness gives kids the habit of focusing on the present moment and ignoring distractions, promotes happiness and patience by lowering social anxiety and stress, teaches them to stay calm in the face of life’s stressful times, improves attentiveness and impulse control, creates good habits for the future, and so much more. Read more ›

How Reading Aloud Can Help You Bond With Your Kids and Make Them Better Readers

We’ve all heard about the benefits of learning to read quietly and independently. A big part of learning at school is all about reading, but it’s not always easy to find time for more reading at home. Read more ›

Special Olympics Program Helps Schools Get Unified on Inclusivity

When the bullying prevention side of the Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools program became clear to the Lansing Public School District in Michigan, an initial launch quickly expanded from five schools to the entire district.

Students can join monthly Lunch Bunches, where all learners, with and without cognitive and physical disabilities, can meet up for monthly events such as trips to bowling alleys and swim classes, or participate in unified sports teams. But the lunch program in particular, which started at the elementary level, was one that helped the district make the decision to move forward with expanding to all of its schools. Read more ›

New Resource From U.S. Department of Education on Supporting Child and Student Social, Emotional, Behavioral and Mental Health [downloadable]

On October 19, 2021, the U.S. Department of Education released a new resource: Supporting Child and Student Social, Emotional, Behavioral and Mental Health to provide information and resources to enhance the promotion of mental health and the social and emotional well-being among children and students. Read more ›

Reduce Challenging Behavior in Young Children [downloadable]

The Backpack Connection Series is a collection of tip sheets created to provide a way for teachers and parents/caregivers to work together to help young children develop social emotional skills and reduce challenging behavior. Read more ›

Stress and Short Tempers: Schools Struggle with Behavior as Students Return

A month into school, Chicago social worker Alyssa Rodriguez says she underestimated the challenge ahead. Student behavior referrals are up, as middle schoolers hurt each others’ feelings with comments they’d usually only be bold enough to say online.

Schools across the country say they’re seeing an uptick in disruptive behaviors. Read more ›

Why Teletherapy (Still) Works

written by Liza Bennigson, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications

Eighteen long months ago, as surreal rumors of a shelter-in-place order for the Bay Area began to percolate, CHC immediately transitioned to a remote-first model of care for kids, teens and young adults.

Thanks to a HIPAA compliant healthcare platform on Zoom (not to mention nimble clinicians and clients), our nonprofit mental health agency could continue to deliver best-in-class support for learning differences and mental health during shelter-in-place, with the level of trust and expertise the community has counted on for nearly 70 years. Read more ›

Seven Strategies for Maintaining Positive Emotions in Tough Times [video] [downloadable]

One of the nation’s leading clinical psychologists, Gloria Morrow, PhD, shares some simple things we can all do to maintain positive emotions during challenging times. Read more ›

4 Easy, Everyday Ways to Teach Your Kids About Representation

What children are exposed to early on shapes them forever, and that’s certainly true when it comes to diversity and acceptance. Parents basically have a decade-ish to fundamentally influence how their children view and value diversity, while living within a broader system in which inequality is rampant. Read more ›

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