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Community Education

Kids Who Worry [presentation] [video]

How do you as a parent know whether your child’s worries are cause for concern? Find out more about ‘normal’ worry and anxiety, how anxiety affects your child, and learn strategies that you can use at home to support your child when he worries. Presented by Dr. Emily Cree, licensed psychologist at CHC. Read more ›

Community Education

Responding to Your Teen’s Challenging Behavior [presentation] [video]

Does your child talk back and ‘push your buttons?’ Kendra Evans Fraka, MSW, presents some effective responses to behavioral challenges in your teen. Read more ›


How Your Brain Works When You’re Depressed [video]

Depression is linked to changes in several parts of the brain.  Watch this short video from NBC News‘ “Your Brain On…” series that explores how the world affects our brains. Read more ›

Community Education

Sensory Integration and Autism [presentation] [video]

Did you know that sensory integration therapy improves daily function in children with autism? Learn more about this therapy and how it can benefit your autistic child. Read more ›

Community Education

Anxiety, ADHD & Reading—How Do They Intersect? [presentation] [video]

Robert L Hendren, DO, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science and Co-Director of the UCSF Dyslexia Center discusses the frequency with which anxiety co-occurs with ADHD and/or learning disorders. In this presentation, Dr. Hendren explores types of anxiety disorders and reviews assessment strategies and treatment options. Read more ›

Community Education

Encouraging Positive Classroom Behavior [presentation] [video]

Are there students in your classroom that tend to act out and disrupt the entire class?

Teaching behavioral expectations and providing rewards is a much more positive way to manage behavior in the classroom—much better than waiting for the misbehavior to occur and then providing consequences. Positive behavior support is an evidence-based approach for creating a classroom climate that encourages productivity and learning. Watch this presentation  by student support counselor Brandon Carlton, and experienced educator, Megan Vincent, MEd, to learn about some strategies you can use in your classroom to implement aspects of positive behavior support in your classroom. Read more ›

Community Education

Technology Supports for Executive Functioning [presentation] [video]

Learn more about technology supports can compensate for executive function challenges and help build more robust executive function skills.

Shayla Whiteley, M.A., experienced learning specialist shares her insights and knowledge to provide you with a greater understanding of how some types of technology can support executive functioning. Read more ›

Community Education

Dyslexia and Learning Differences in the Classroom [presentation] [video]

Are there students in your classroom that struggle with learning? Perhaps those students have a diagnosed or undiagnosed learning issue. In this teacher ed class, Jeff Kozlowski, Head of Sand Hill School at CHC, reviews the types and signs of learning differences and the impact they can have on a student’s social and emotional well-being. Read more ›

Community Education

Understanding Your Child’s IEP [presentation] [video]

What is an IEP? What do all those test scores mean? What should be included in an IEP and how do I know my child is accomplishing the goals listed on her IEP? Learn all about IEPs from expert educator and administrator, Chris Harris, Director of Esther B. Clark School here at CHC. Read more ›

Community Education

The Power of a Growth Mindset to Build Resiliency in Teens [presentation] [video]

Project Cornerstone’s Executive Director, Anne Ehresman, shares how Developmental Assets and a Growth Mindset strengthens relationships, motivation and productivity. Learn about recent research and strategies for boosting achievement and building resiliency in youth. Read more ›

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