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Managing Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom314

Managing Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom [presentation] [video]

Is there a student in your class that seems to constantly disrupt the class or appears highly unmotivated to learn? Are there student behaviors in your classroom that you would like to change? Read more ›


If You’ve Ever Had Suicidal Thoughts, Make a Safety Plan [video]

suicidesafetyplan307If you could write something down that might one day save your life, would you?

A study published in JAMA Psychiatry in September found that when patients who visited the emergency department for suicide-related concerns were given a safety plan at discharge as well as follow-up phone calls, it reduced the odds of suicidal behavior by half. Read more ›


Just a Thought: Teens’ Reflections on Anxiety and Depression [video]

In this panel discussion moderated by CHC’s Senior Engagement Manager for Community Connections, Christine Wang, teens share their thoughts and perspectives about anxiety and mental health. The discussion is followed by a Q & A session with the teen panelists. Read more ›

When Kids Can’t Read295

When Kids Can’t Read: Word Attack Skills for Struggling Readers [presentation] [video]

In this community education session for educators, Lisa Parnello discusses how to identify a student with word attack struggles and offers helpful strategies that can make them a more successful reader. This class includes easy-to-implement methods to help students with and without learning differences to become better readers. Read more ›


Why Is My Teen Always Tired? Nutritional Strategies for Improving Mood, Energy and Academics [video] [downloadable]

Does your teen always seem to be tired? Learn about the nutritional causes for low energy and fatigue in adolescents. Presented by Wendy Sterling, MS, RD, CSSD, Registered Dietitian, Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics and Signe Darpinian, LMFT, Certified Eating Disorders Specialist, co-authors of No Weigh! A Teen’s Guide to Positive Body Image, Food and Emotional Wisdom. Read more ›


Bold, Happy, and Whole During the Holiday Season [presentation] [video] [downloadable]

In this workshop, Kanesha Baynard  pinpoints hidden holiday stressors and helps parents create support structures for the “here we go again” moments of dread, and map out a holiday wellness plan that will help you feel whole—instead of depleted—as you navigate the holiday season. Read more ›

Interactive Panel- Growing Up with Learning & Attention Issues277

Interactive Panel: Growing Up with Learning & Attention Issues [video]

A panel of adults who grew up with learning and attention differences and have become successful in their work share their perspectives about who and what made a difference for them and how they found their ‘niche’ in work and life. Read more ›


Learning Differences: Discover Your Superpower [video]

Ross Loofbourrow, who was diagnosed in elementary school with ADHD and auditory processing issues, talks to Sand Hill School students about his journey growing up with ADHD and learning differences and how he has come to view his learning differences as ‘superpowers.’ Read more ›

Parenting Strategies for Supporting Children and Teens with ADHD254

Practical, Research-Based Parenting Strategies for Supporting Children and Teens with ADHD [presentation] [video]

For many parents, ADHD is a diagnosis fraught with stigma and confusion, leaving parents wondering how best to advocate for and intervene with their child or teen.  Develop a roadmap for supporting children and teens who have difficulties with attention and behavior, utilizing their strengths and building skills for the future, and gain practical strategies for managing symptoms both at home and at school as well as guidelines for when and how to seek additional support. Read more ›

ADHD and Learning Differences- Are They Related253

ADHD and Learning Differences: Are They Related? [presentation][video]

What is the relationship between ADHD and learning differences? ADHD and learning differences can often occur together. How can you effectively support a child that experiences both learning and attention issues? How do you know what issues you should pay attention to? Learn more in this community education session about effective interventions and strategies to support your child with learning and attention issues. Read more ›

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