TeenzTalk – A Global Teen Community [web resource]

TeenzTalkNadia Ghaffari founded TeenzTalk.org as a sophomore at Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California.  Ghaffari believes that teens are more likely to listen & relate to other teens on topics including stress-management & overcoming disappointment, failure, or challenges. TeenzTalk.org places the focus on positive teen-to-teen influence.

The purpose of TeenzTalk is to empower teens through peer-to-peer connections. TeenzTalk is a global community where teenagers can share their stories, inspire each other and learn from each other’s challenging experiences. By connecting to a larger community of teens, it allows adolescents to stimulate and motivate one another in their search for self-identity.

TeenzTalk includes a blog in which students from around the world discuss the issues that are important to them, share their stories about dealing with personal issues, such as stress, anxiety and bullying, and share strategies for dealing with the stressors that affect teens.

Readers can also gain valuable insight & resources from video interviews with professionals in the field of adolescent health.

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