Thank You for Supporting Fund A Need

You Rock!

Your support of CHC’s Rocktoberfest has a direct impact on children and teens. You are helping them learn more, feel better, stop hurting, develop grit and resilience, realize their dreams and have a brighter future.

Here are two great success stories:

“My son hated school with a passion before coming to Sand Hill, and now he never complains about going to school.

Last year, my son would tear his papers up when he perceived he couldn’t do things. This year, he advocates for himself and asks for help from the teacher. Sand Hill School and CHC have changed our lives!”

“CHC has helped our family in so many ways! When no one else could diagnose our child’s issues properly, CHC came through. They were then able to follow-up with excellent family therapy. Today my son is thriving in the IT industry. We are now into our second family generation of treatment, as they are helping my grandson work through some learning issues. What an amazing place!”


Specializing in ADHD, Learning Differences, Anxiety & Depression, Autism

At CHC, we believe in a world where all children and teens can reach their promise and potential.

Our mission is to remove barriers to learning, helping children and teens become resilient, happy and successful at home, at school and in life. We serve families through our two schools, two clinics and robust community education program.

The Center: Evaluation. Therapy. Learning.

Sand Hill School: For K-8 kids with dyslexia & other learning differences.

Esther B. Clark School: Therapeutic day school for Grades 2-10.

The Community Clinic: Serving the underserved. Parent, Teacher

Community Education: Classes, meetings and resources.