SLC Summer Sessions

Do you have questions about your first year at a new college?

Are you interested in using technology to help your writing, but not sure where to begin?

Are you wondering just what Executive Functioning really is?

Join us for SLC Summer Learning Sessions and prepare for your next chapter.

Be prepared for your next chapter.

SLC Summer Sessions Calendar

High school and college students with ADHD, dyslexia and other learning disabilities can attend SLC Summer Sessions to boost skills and creativity. Parents are invited to select offerings.

Download the SLC Summer Sessions flyer to see SLC Summer Sessions at-a-glance.


Who should attend SLC Summer Sessions?

Students who are in college, transferring to a new college, attending college for the first time, in high school, or rising freshman are all welcome to attend these sessions! We are also proud to offer our parent session, Parenting and Everyday Executive Functioning. If you're not sure if a session is right for you, please reach out to Michelle Bizeau, Senior Learning Specialist at SLC, and ask!

Can homeschooled students attend SLC Summer Sessions?

Yes, we welcome participation from homeschooled students.

Can international students apply?

Yes, we encourage international students to attend these sessions. This can be a great way to meet similar aged peers and develop some skills!

When is the registration deadline?

We encourage students to register as soon as possible. Many SLC Summer Sessions reach capacity quickly. You should register in order to secure your seat in your preferred session/s. You will only be guaranteed a seat in your desired session after you complete registration.

How do I register for my desired SLC Summer Session?

Register here on eventbrite!

What courses can I take?

If I attended one SLC Summer Session, do I need to register for others as well?

Yes, returning students must register for each SLC Summer Session.

How can I drop a session?

Instructions on how to drop a session can be found within your SLC Summer Session Welcome Packet.

I have been put on the waitlist for my preferred session. When will I know if I will be able to register?

Registration for all sessions are on a first-come, first-served basis and you will be given the opportunity to register from the waitlist in the order you were placed on that list if seats become available.

What happens if the course(s) I want to take are canceled?

We reserve the right to cancel courses at any time. Although we do our best to run every course that is listed, we do occasionally have to cancel sessions due to low enrollment, instructor schedule changes, or other circumstances beyond our control. We will notify you via your registration email before the session begins if your session has been canceled.

What if I do not see a class that I think the SLC should offer?

Let us know! Please reach out to Michelle Bizeau, Senior Learning Specialist at SLC, We’d love to hear from you.

Does the Schwab Learning Center at CHC offer financial assistance?

Yes! Financial assistance is available. Stanford University students are covered by the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation. Please contact Nancy Lambert, for more information.

Having trouble registering?

Please contact Michelle Bizeau, Senior Learning Specialist at SLC, or 650.617.3800 for help with registration or with any questions.

Unlock your learning potential.

Join us for SLC Summer Learning Sessions and prepare for your next chapter.