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A teen campaign raising awareness on how to be mindful when using language related to mental health.

The goal

Raise awareness, reduce stigma, and educate teens on how to speak mindfully to avoid language that undermines people’s valid experiences with mental illness. This campaign is run by teens.


Recognize. Notice how you or others are using mental health terms in your everyday conversation. Is it being used as an insult?

Have Courage. It takes a lot of bravery to confront yourself or a peer once you identify a problem. Have the courage not to undermine other people’s valid experiences with mental illness.

Persist. It takes time to build a habit. So don’t give up.


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Speak Mindfully poster about Depression

Speak Mindfully poster about bi-polar

Speak Mindfully poster about triggered


About us

CHC’s Teen Wellness Committee is where teens meet to voice our ideas, develop solutions, and take collective action advocating for teen mental health. This group works to:

  • Create an educational forum for teen voice and action, including creating opportunities for teens to talk with teens from different high schools about their thoughts and experiences related to mental health.
  • Empower teens to create positive change in their schools and communities related to mental health.
  • Give youth voice and teen input regarding CHC’s teen initiative ideas in order to better target our programming to teens’ needs.