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Ask Dr. Elliott: Do you have any tips for ADHD kids for summer?

Glen R. Elliott

May 29, 2015, News

Dr. Glen R. Elliott of The Center’s Glen Elliott ADHD Program shares his tips for fantastic summer activities for kids facing learning and attention challenges.

General Principles:

  1. Build in routine and schedules, but allow for spontaneity
  2. Plan activities that exercise both body and mind—don’t lose gains from previous school year
  3. Look for activities that boost self esteem and broaden world view
  4. Use technology but in controlled doses
  5. Let the child have a say—among a selection of activities with which you are comfortable
  6. Encourage quiet hobbies that can fill down times
  7. Remember, kids get bored easily—especially those with ADHD—so rotate activities
  8. Plan family outings, if possible, from day trips to vacations
  9. Consider day programs that tap into pre-existing interests or might generate new interests
  10. Pool resources with other families, if possible, to spread the love—and labor

Issues that may need to be addressed:

  1. For children on medications: keep on or have a “med holiday”?
  2. For children behind academically: summer school, individual tutoring, or nothing?
  3. For children with social issues: focused experiences or general camps or sports?

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