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May 5, 2020, News

Dear Friends,

Shelter in place. Be a perfect parent. Be an instant teacher. Be an outstanding employee.

Many of us are being expected to be all things to all people, all at once. Not surprisingly, the strain is taking a toll on our mental health. CHC can help you and your family wherever you are on this emotional and unpredictable journey.

Community Education

Free online sessions and virtual parent support groups addressing parenting, family, shelter in place, taking things off your plate, talking to kids about COVID-19 and more. Does your school or organization have specific parent or teacher education needs? Arrange a free 30-minute virtual consultation with our Community Connections Director, Cindy Lopez to discuss options.

CHC’s Online Learning and Mental Health Resource Library

Hand-picked articles, videos, expert blogs, presentations available 24/7 with a special COVID-19 Information Center. Free.

Clinical Services

Free 30-minute virtual consultation with a licensed psychologist to discuss concerns about your child. Email Be sure to ask about our special support groups for teens and young adults. See a full list of additional teletherapy options at

Learning and Education

Free 30-minute virtual consultation with Chief Schools Officer, Chris Harris, or Assistant Head of School, Heather Whitlock to discuss your child’s learning needs. Email Julia at to make arrangements.

We are literally all in this together and we will get through it together.

My best and be well,

Rosalie Whitlock

Rosalie Whitlock, PhD

CEO at Children’s Health Council

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