DBT Skills Teen Therapy Group

DBT Skills Teen Therapy Group

In this weekly group, teens will learn and practice DBT skills that they can use to regulate emotions and behaviors, enhance mood, improve relationships and engage in effective problem solving and communication. 

DBT is an evidence-based treatment with skills that focus on mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation and distress tolerance.

The group is facilitated by Emily Sullivan, LMFT and Melina Foden, PsyD. Patrice Crisostomo, PhD and Melina Foden, PsyD run another session of this group.

Who is this for?

High school age teens struggling with emotion regulation issues, past history of self injurious behavior and/or suicidal ideation. Participants must be seeing a regular outpatient therapist outside of group and be located in the state of California during group sessions.


One session/week on a recurring weekday. Families must commit to 8 weeks minimum. Currently offering:

Wednesdays at 5pm, In person at CHC Palo Alto

Thursday at 4pm, In person at CHC Palo Alto

How much?

$1140 for 8 weeks of 1.5 hour sessions; financial assistance available.

How to join:

If you are already being seen at CHC, please ask your therapist about joining the group. If not, speak with a CHC DBT Care Coordinator. Book a 15-min consultation or call or email a Care Coordinator: 650.688.3625 or careteam@chconline.org. Financial assistance is available.

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