BrightLife Kids: Behavioral Health Coaching for Parents, Caregivers, and Kids 0–12

BrightLife Kids, a CalHOPE program by Brightline, supports the mental health of families who live in California with children aged 0–12. BrightLife Kids is free for all California families.


  • Behavioral Health Support: BrightLife Kids is an added layer of behavioral health support for students and families.
  • Easy Access: Bilingual coaches, live translation services in 19 languages, and no insurance or referrals required
  • Dedicated Coaches: Live coaching sessions via video, secure chat (with your dedicated coach), and on-demand digital resources
  • Care Guides: Care navigation to community resources for kids who may need help outside of BrightLife Kids

Infants & Toddlers Ages 0-4

Coaching for new(ish) parents/caregivers

Learn how to build non-verbal communication skills, navigate milestones, teach toddlers how to share, solutions for separation anxiety, and more.

Kids Ages 5-8

Coaching for kids and parents/caregivers

Develop more patience, encourage independence, solve sleep issues, support making friends and showing kindness, and more.

Tweens Ages 9-12

Coaching for preteens and parents/caregivers

Manage friendships, stress, and social pressures, and learn how to navigate your tweens’ growing sense of independence — together.

Learn more about the program and sign up to participate.

Source: CalHOPE | | © 2023 State of California

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