Learning Challenges

Why Is School So Challenging for Autistic Children?

Autistic kids spend a lot of time in school learning how to cope with an environment that is often out of sync with their abilities and challenges.
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CHC’s Occupational Therapy Gym Gets a Spring Refresh

What if a therapy room felt more like a playground? What if there were soft mats covering the floor, colorful walls, climbing spaces, and swinging trapezes? And what if, upon entering this special space, you were greeted by a friendly mini Aussiedoodle? This magical space you’re envisioning isn’t a mere fantasy—it’s the occupational therapy gym at CHC. Read more ›

Decoding Dyslexia

Kids have a lot to learn in their first five years of life. They learn to walk, talk, and eventually to start reading. But while kids can pick up walking and talking naturally, they must be taught how to read. Children who struggle with the building blocks of reading may be at risk for developing dyslexia. Read more ›

7 Strategies to Help Gifted Autistic Students Succeed in College

About 1 out of every 100 students in American public schools has autism. A subset of these students also have academic gifts and talents in a broad range of areas, including math, science, technology, the humanities and the arts. These students are often referred to as “twice exceptional.” Read more ›

Teachers: A Pivotal Piece of the ADHD Diagnosis Puzzle

by Pardis Khosravi, PsyD, Clinical Director, Catherine T. Harvey Center for Clinical Services, CHC

Next to their parents, who spends the most time with kids? Teachers. Educator, mentor, nurturer, inspiration…teachers play many roles in their students’ lives. They are also pivotal players in the ADHD diagnostic process, serving as frontline observers of a child’s behavior in a structured school setting on a daily basis. Read more ›

WVU Researcher Determines ADHD Gives Entrepreneurs An Edge

The brains of people with ADHD function in ways that can benefit them as entrepreneurs, according to research from the West Virginia University John Chambers College of Business and Economics. Read more ›

My Child Is a Strong Reader But Struggles with Writing. How Can I Help?

by Julie Abbott Olsen, MA, CCC-SLP, Speech and Language Pathologist, CHC

Reading and writing are closely related skills, and they often go hand-in-hand— that is, they support each other in language development. However, they are also distinct skills with some differences. If your child seems to be struggling, identifying the specific difficulties that your child is experiencing will guide you to the type of support your child needs. Read more ›

The Heart of a Parent

The journey of a parent is often a winding path, sometimes obscured by the unknown, yet it’s rich in challenges that can become catalysts for growth and understanding. In this special podcast episode, we have a conversation with Jen Ullyot, a parent coach who has longtime connections with CHC through her kids and more. Read more ›

How Special Needs Parents Can Find Help to Manage Stress

Raising children with special needs is stressful. Some situations are more stressful than others, but even a relatively mild learning disability can make daily life more complex. Fortunately, there are options for finding help and support. Read more ›

Survival Tips for Special Needs Parents

Being the parent of a child with special needs is challenging. In fact, it can bring unexpected stresses with spouses, siblings and even within your own belief in your parenting abilities. Read more ›

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