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Research: Video Chats Can Help Foster Learning for Preschoolers

As virus cases surge, and schools yo-yo between in-person and remote models, educators, along with other experts in the field, are confronting a perplexing dilemma: Can a quality preschool education be conducted online when overwhelming evidence suggests that face-to-face learning is the best option for this age group? Read more ›

First 5 Santa Clara County [web resource] [downloadable]

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County supports the healthy development of children, from prenatal through age 5, and enriches the lives of their families and communities.

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Community Education

How to Choose the Right Preschool or Elementary School [presentation]

This presentation provides an overview of several types of preschools and their respective characteristics in order to help you find a good match for your child’s temperament and needs. How will you know if your child is ready for kindergarten?  Watch the presentation to learn more! Read more ›


Is Preschool Really That Important?

preschoolers-1191122_1280My husband and I both work, and my mother is able to watch my daughter during the day. I really like being able to leave my daughter with her grandmother, not only because they have time to bond, but also because I know she’s in good hands. It’s also nice holding onto the money that would otherwise go to preschool every month.
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Choosing the Right Preschool: Cooperative [video]

This video takes a closer look at cooperative, or parent-participation preschools. Read more ›


Choosing the Right Preschool: Waldorf [video]

It’s important to choose the right preschool for your child. Learn more about the Waldorf philosophy of the spiritual view of humanity in this short video.
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Choosing the Right Preschool: Montessori [video]

This video provides information about the Montessori method, founded by Maria Montessori in Italy in the early 1900s. The Montessori method focuses on skills, self-motivation, and independence within limits. Read more ›


Choosing the Right Preschool: Types & Reggio Emilia [video]

This short video describes types of preschools, for example— teacher-centered or child-centered, academic programs vs. play-based programs, and provides some background on the the Reggio Emilia approach to education  in which the curriculum is based on the children’s interests. Read more ›


Choosing the Right Preschool: Factors & Temperament [video]

How does your child’s temperament play a part in choosing the right preschool?

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