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School Struggles and Your Child: Expert Tips

It’s natural for all students to struggle some in school. But if your child is consistently facing the same issues, it’s worth looking for ways to help him or her. Read more ›

When a Child Won’t Go to School

School avoidance has become a major issue, exacerbated by long periods of distance learning and isolation. What causes school avoidance? How does it show up in kids and how can parents effectively support their children in getting back to the classroom? Read more ›

School Avoidance: My Tween Won’t Go to School

Fear of going to school was first called “school phobia” in 1941 (Johnson et al.,1941). Today it is known as school refusal or school avoidance, defined as: when a child does not fully attend school and has no reasonable or justifiable circumstances for the absence. Read more ›

School Refusal: When a Child Won’t Go to School

The transition back to school each fall is challenging for many families. But some children and teens feel so much emotional distress that they may repeatedly balk at attending school or staying there — a problem known as school refusal, or school avoidance if it occurs consistently. Read more ›

What Are the Signs of School Refusal?

School refusal is a term used to describe the signs of anxiety a school-aged child has and his or her refusal to go to school. It is also called school avoidance or school phobia. It can be seen in different types of situations. Read more ›

School Avoidance: Tips for Concerned Parents

School avoidance – sometimes called school refusal or school phobia – is not uncommon and occurs in as many as 5% of children. These children may outright refuse to attend school or create reasons why they should not go. Read more ›