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My Child Is a Strong Reader But Struggles with Writing. How Can I Help?

by Julie Abbott Olsen, MA, CCC-SLP, Speech and Language Pathologist, CHC

Reading and writing are closely related skills, and they often go hand-in-hand— that is, they support each other in language development. However, they are also distinct skills with some differences. If your child seems to be struggling, identifying the specific difficulties that your child is experiencing will guide you to the type of support your child needs. Read more ›

The Benefits of Sensory Movement Pathways for Children

Sensory movement pathways encourage regular physical activity, helping students stay active and combat sedentary behaviors. Regular movement can contribute to improved cardiovascular health, better muscle tone, and enhanced overall physical fitness. Read more ›

Dual Language Learners: Resources for Educators and Caregivers [web resource]

These resources from the Head Start Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center offer information and guidance on the needs of children who are acquiring two or more languages at the same time or are learning a second language while developing their first. Read more ›

Emergent Bilingual Students: Shifting to An Asset Model of Instruction

For years, ELL students have been regarded as students who come with a deficit, or gaps, in their knowledge. The assumption is that these students must be taught English in order to assimilate into our culture and ultimately be successful in school. On the other hand, to regard these students as “emergent bilingual,” suggests that there is value in their native language and cultural background, in addition to other contributions they bring to the classroom. Read more ›

Supporting Emergent Bilingual Children in Early Learning [downloadable]

Supporting Emergent Bilingual Children in Early Learning from Education Development Center (EDC) draws on current research into how children learn, giving educators promising practices for supporting the diverse needs of young learners. Read more ›

5 Study Tips for Neurodivergent College Students

For neurodivergent college students to navigate their academic journey successfully, it’s essential to develop effective study habits and strategies. Here are some valuable study tips. Read more ›

What to Do When Your Child Refuses to Go to School

It’s always difficult to hear your children yelling or sobbing that they don’t want to go to school. You may be even more sensitive to their reluctance and anxiety because of what an unpredictable place school has felt like for the past two years. So, what do you do when you have scrambled to get all your kids’ school supplies and clothes ready for school only to find that you now must coax them to get there? Read more ›

12 Tips to Prepare for the Return to School

Every family wants to make sure their children enjoy a safe, happy and productive year as classrooms reopen this fall. The American Academy of Pediatrics published a list of 12 tips to prepare children for back-to-school season, including several that focus on mental health. Read more ›

Every Student Matters: Cultivating Belonging in the Classroom

Belonging in the classroom means ensuring that all students feel welcomed, comfortable, and part of the school family.

Elementary school educator Michael Dunlea teaches in an inclusion classroom where many students have learning differences that can pose a challenge to connecting with others. Building a culture of belonging has become his greatest priority. Read more ›

Executive Function Is the Secret Ingredient to Student Success

Executive function is the mechanism by which our brains manage and prioritize our thoughts, working memory, emotions and actions; Harvard researchers call it our brain’s air traffic control system. Given the incidence of executive function issues in youth, as a byproduct of or co-occurring factor in youth mental health, it is critical for parents and educators to place greater support to help students improve their executive functioning. Read more ›

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