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As the Pandemic Trudges On, What to Say to Our Kids

Experts say questions from kids are going to continue to challenge parents as the pandemic lingers and kids, like adults, experience ‘pandemic fatigue. Read more ›

Tips for Anxiety

Our lives have been turned upside down by a global pandemic. Many of us find the current political and social climate to be a significant source of stress as well. If you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Read more ›

How to Talk to Kids About the Riots at the U.S. Capitol

No doubt many young people across the country are finding this moment extremely scary. Parents, caregivers and teachers can help children cope. Read more ›

I’m So Stressed Out! Fact Sheet [downloadable]

Feeling overwhelmed? Read this fact sheet to learn whether it’s stress or anxiety, and what you can do to cope. Read more ›

Mental Health Is One of the Biggest Pandemic Issues We’ll Face in 2021

With progress in efforts for Covid-19 vaccines and predictions for when the population will receive them, there seems to be a light at the end of the long, harrowing pandemic tunnel.

As the physical risks are better managed with vaccines, however, what will likely still remain is the indelible impact of the pandemic weighing on the collective psyche. Read more ›

Feeling Stressed? Ways to Improve Your Well-Being

Have you been feeling more stressed than usual? Many people are during these challenging times. The COVID-19 pandemic has many people feeling overwhelmed. Read more ›

Digital Self Harm: Is It on the Rise?

In an online forum, a message appears.

It contains a threat against a student from an anonymous source. The person spotting it reports it to a school official, the website or police. After a short investigation, the findings are disturbing. The perpetrator who posted it is actually the student engaging in an act of digital self-harm … or cyberbullying themselves. Read more ›

‘Throw Out the Rulebook’ To Get Through Pandemic Holidays, A Therapist Says

Even if you know, intellectually, that the holidays are not actually “the most wonderful time of the year” (and can, in fact, be incredibly stressful), coping with feelings of loneliness, guilt, anger, and despair during the month of December can be very challenging. Read more ›

The Holidays May Feel Harder This Year. Small Gestures Will Make a Big Difference.

Almost half of people expect this holiday season to be harder than usual. Here are five suggestions from OptionBThere for how you can show up for the people you love during the holidays, even if you can’t be there for them in person. Read more ›

How to Have Difficult Conversations When You Don’t Like Conflict

For most people, conflict is a source of stress,  and especially so if you are someone who avoids confrontations.

Avoiding or delaying a difficult conversation can hurt your relationships and create other negative outcomes. It may not feel natural at first, especially if you dread discord, but you can learn to dive into these tough talks by reframing your thoughts. Read more ›

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