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Parent Self-Care During COVID-19 [web resource] [downloadable]

You’re busier than ever and feeling the pressure. In times like these it’s important to check in with your self-care foundation. Prioritizing self-care leads to being a calmer, healthier parent. But how do you do that?  Read more ›

Free COVID-19 Behavioral Health Modules [web resource]

Behavioral health involves many aspects of our daily lives. At its core, behavioral health represents our mental health, which includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. These modules are  meant to provide the community with reliable information, tips, and resources for managing behavioral health concerns during (and following) the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more ›

COVID-19 Is Causing Young Adults to Feel Anxious and Depressed

How Parents Can Help Shy and Introverted Kids Through a Particularly Tough Back-to-School Season

As school starts up again in whatever form, how can we support kids’ social development — particularly for those who were already struggling? Here are some suggestions from experts. Read more ›

Pandemic Places Alarming Pressure on Transgender Mental Health

Even as the coronavirus has upended lives throughout the country, it has taken a deep toll on the transgender community, a population that has long struggled with higher rates of mental illness and poor medical care because of discrimination and abuse. Read more ›

Back-to-School Anxiety in Kids: What to Watch Out For This Year

In a typical year, you might expect your child to have the jitters about going back to school. But this year, back-to-school is anything but typical. Many kids are going back feeling more than a little nervous, especially if they’re returning to a physical school. They might be feeling anxiety or a sense of dread. Read more ›

How to Help Young Children Sleep Better During COVID-19

Lynelle Schneeberg, a pediatric sleep psychologist and author of “Become Your Child’s Sleep Coach,” told MindShift that family stress, disrupted school routines and decreased physical activity have caused sleep to suffer for people of all ages during coronavirus lockdowns. Schneeberg offered some tips and tricks from years of helping families and children get better sleep. Read more ›

Four Ways to Help Kids Cope With the Uncertainty of the New School Year

While some students thrived during distance learning in the spring, many others struggled with the format or with other challenges, such as concerns about safety, family finances or health. Whatever form school takes, here are four ways parents and educators can help children cope with change and uncertainty as we face the new school year. Read more ›

CHC in the News: Mental Health Experts on Managing Back to School Anxiety Amid Pandemic [video]

Dr. Vidya Krishnan, Head of Adolescent Mental Health Services and Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Children’s Health Council, appeared on KTVU News to discuss strategies for coping with the anxiety and stress  many families are experiencing as children head back to school remotely. Read more ›

Four Major Concerns School-Based Mental Health Professionals Have for Students This Fall

Districts across the country are wrestling with fundamental questions about what schooling will look like this fall. Just as important as the logistics for safely educating our kids after a return to school is the state of their mental well-being. Effective schooling is possible only if districts anticipate the mental health challenges many of their students will undoubtedly face. Read more ›

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