Teaching Your Child to Stay Calm Sets Them Up for Success

There’s a lot going on in a little kid’s world. New experiences can bring up all kinds of emotions, and even tantrums. But that’s okay. By giving your child the skills they need to manage their feelings, you’ll help them now and down the road.

We all want our kids to be prepared for school and whatever life brings them. But did you know that learning how to stay calm is a skill that can last them a lifetime? If they’re taught how to self-regulate early on, it’ll help them now and well into the future.

  • Better relationships as adults
  • Educational attainment and success
  • More satisfaction with life
  • Fewer health problems
  • Less chance of drug abuse
  • Better chance of financial success

Calming Helps Kids Thrive

By sharing with your child the tools to stay calm and in control, you help them emotionally and physically. Who doesn’t want a happy kid? It’s good for them, and it’s good for you! Young kids can get angry fast. Try doing this fun and simple breathing game called Dragon Breathing together, to help everyone stay calm.

When to Practice Calmness

When kids get angry, they need the right tools to control their emotions. Telling them to calm down when they’re already upset doesn’t help. Instead, talk to them when they’re ready to listen. If they stay calm, let them know you’re proud of them. Give them lots of praise! You might even want to do some deep breathing yourself. A calm parent can calm an upset child a lot faster.

Let Them Know You Understand

Kids calm down faster when they feel like you understand them. Here are some tips for talking through their feelings:

  • Keep your voice calm and relaxed
  • Get down to their level and make eye contact
  • Move them away from the situation

Give That Emotion a Name

At bedtime, name one upsetting feeling and one happy feeling you had that day, and talk about it using simple words. Then ask your child to try it. They’ll be talking about their feelings in no time!

Source: First Five California | Little Kids Have Big Emotions, https://www.first5california.com/en-us/dragon-song | © 2022 First 5 California
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