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Fiscal Year 2014 - 2015 Donor Roll

Tribute Gifts

The following tribute gifts were made to Children’s Health Council in memory or in honor of loved ones between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015

In Memory Of

E. Yanosh Alt
• Miriam Cespedes

John Banks
• Kristen Banks Winslow

Martin Bastiani
• Father David F. Pace

Paul Bjork
• Myles and Carol Berg

Marian Brooks
• Myles and Carol Berg

Kirk Bunnell
• John Bunnell

Richard Dorst
• Myles and Carol Berg

Kevin Elkus
• Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Elkus, Jr.

Betty Evans
• Bruce Evans

Jenny Fletcher
• Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Fletcher

Helen Hanavan
• Marjorie Taylor

Jean Horn
• Mr. and Mrs. E. Forrest Anderson
• Mr. and Mrs. William H. Beaver
• Dr. and Mrs. K. Gordon Campbell
• Mark and Betsy Gates
• Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gould
• Bette M. Greenberg
• Mr. and Mrs. Dick Jaqua
• Mr. and Mrs. Alan Johnston
• Patricia Kelleher
• Mr. and Mrs. William L. Mince
• Mr. and Mrs. Blaine F. Nye
• Edwin Oh
• Laurel Smith
• Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Tanner
• Hicks Williams and Shirley Leisses
• Elizabeth Wolf
• Mr. and Mrs. Warren M. Zuckert

Agnes Jarman
• Elizabeth Wills

Lisabeth Kaplan
• Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Kaplan

Karoline Lloyd
• Mr. B. Dale Lloyd

Betty Magowan
• Ann Bassford and Monica Saneholtz
• Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bettencourt
• Lynda Brothers
• Vivian Brown
• Doris Drennan
• Doris Heinrich
• Mary Hollins
• Ellen Lockert
• Betsy Magowan
• Mary Rattray and Julia Wyrick
• Maureen Ryan
• Elizabeth Swift
• William Thompson

Bonnie Morton
• Myles and Carol Berg
• Racqueteers

Naomi Nakashima
• Margaret Falk

Janice Normart
• Mark and Betsy Gates

Christopher Phillips
• Dorothy Phillips

Miles Poinier
• Mr. and Mrs. W. Ferrell Sanders, Jr.

Dorothy Risdon
• Mr. and Mrs. H. Daniel Banyay
• Mr. and Mrs. Matt Nederman

Jenny Rudin
• Myles and Carol Berg

Scott Rutherford
• Kenneth E. Rutherford

Mark Coplen Santana
• Mr. and Mrs. John Santana, Jr.

Edwin Seipp, Jr.
• Anonymous

Thomas Shinagawa
• Ms. Bonnie T. Kobayashi
• Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Shinagawa

Lois Swenson
• Myles and Carol Berg

Cecil Thomas
• Myles and Carol Berg

Bob Tucker
• Myles and Carol Berg

In Honor Of

Barbara Alhouse
• Virginia Van Wagner

The Baggott Family
• Linda and Larry Gann

Greg and Jennifer Cohn
• Ann Thompson

Elizabeth Dumanian
• Edma Dumanian

Glen Elliott
• Mr. and Mrs. F. Matthew DiNapoli
• Dr. Roger Wu

Abigail Ferguson
• Cornelia Ferguson

Mark Gates
• Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Jamieson

Eric and Elaine Hahn
• Scott J. Carr and Ms. Marion E. Parr

Jackie Hoffman
• Dorothy Burkhart
• Patricia Clark

Ross and Eve Jaffe
• Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cassil
• Mr. and Mrs. Michael Podell

Mary Johnson
• Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hoffman

Carson Jordan
• Diego Rodriguez and Amy Bouvin

Jennefer Kohler
• Mr. and Mrs. John D. Kohler

John Kriewall
• Joyce Arey

Lily Laws
• Eleanor Philomena Rakonitz

Bren Leisure
• Mr. and Mrs. James C. Kitch

Chris Lindsey
• Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Kaye

Cindy Lopez
• Deborah Maynes

Isaac and Madeline Stein
• Julia Goldberg

Joanna Witzel Martin
• Ms. Christine Witzel and Ms. Stephanie Hannaford

Taylor Fleeson Zisman
• Mr. Michael D. Zisman and Ms. Linda Gamble

Thank you for your confidence in CHC

Because of you we have been able to help more children and teens than ever before.

Care has been taken to provide an accurate report of all financial information and listing of donors and gifts to our annual fund at the Partner ($1k) and up level, received between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any error or omission, and contact the Advancement Office for corrections at 650.617.3857.