A Parents’ Guide to Understanding and Supporting Twice-Exceptional Children

Twice-exceptional children — those who are gifted and have a learning disability or neurological disorder like ADHD — often struggle with issues related to social-emotional growth and/or regulation. As a result, many of these students battle anxiety, stress, emotional regulation, social anxiety, and executive dysfunction.

Dr. Michael Postma outlines the latest neurological research on the twice-exceptional brain and how it affects self-understanding.

  • The latest research on typical and atypical brain development
  • The facts about atypical brain development and what it looks like in daily life
  • The foundations of neurodiversity and its impact on daily living
  • Why neurodiversity matters with twice-exceptional children
  • How to use the understanding of neurodiversity to inform practical parenting, teaching, and advocacy strategies

Listen to the podcast:

You may also watch the video replay of this as a webinar and download the slides from the ADDitude website.

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