Best Practices for Serving LGBTQ Students [downloadable] [web resource]

An LGBTQ-inclusive school benefits all students. Seeing LGBTQ identities valued in the classroom, in the curriculum and in day-to-day interactions inspires empathy, understanding and respect.

This guide from Learning for Justice (formerly Teaching Tolerance) aims to help school leaders ensure that all students feel safe, seen and capable of success; to ensure that the curriculum is as complete and representative as possible; to ensure that the school climate fosters open and respectful dialogue among all students and staff; and to prepare youth to engage and thrive within our diverse democracy.  Download a PDF of the guide, or view the guide online, below.

Best Practices for Serving LGBTQ Students

You may also watch the webinar.

See more classroom resources on the Learning for Justice website.

Source: Learning for Justice | Best Practices for Serving LGBTQ Students, | Southern Poverty Law Center  ©1991-2021

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