BlackPast – Black History Online Repository and Reference Center [web resource] is a 6,000+ page reference center dedicated to providing information to the general public on African American history and the history of more than one billion people of African ancestry around the world.

Resources include an online encyclopedia of over 4,000 entries, the complete transcript of more than 300 speeches, over 140 full text primary documents, bibliographies, timelines and six gateway pages with links to digital archive collections, African and African American museums and research centers, genealogical research websites, and more than 200 other website resources on African American and global African history.

Content is organized into three categories: African American History, African American History in the American West, and Global African History. See the What’s New on BlackPast page for the most recent entries.

For Educators: Incorporating the Website into Everyday Instruction

See  Using in the Classroom for suggestions and guides provided by teachers to help other instructors effectively utilize this vast resource.  Click on to any of the major headings, Lessons, Teachers Thinking About Topics, Fun Stuff, or their subheadings to be taken to pages that describe in detail the outlines and suggestions.

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