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La Vida de los Adolescentes: Una Perspectiva de Desarrollo [presentation]

¿Cuáles son los desafíos, características y comportamientos típicos de un adolescente?

En esta presentación, Iria Sebastiao de CHC discute la fase adolescente y le ofrece sugerencias prácticas para manejar los retos. Read more ›

vidya blog 315

Should My Child See a Psychiatrist?

vidyablog315Written by Vidya Krishnan, MD, Head of Adolescent Mental Health Services at CHC

Consulting with a psychiatrist about your child’s mental health can be a significant and daunting process for a family. How and when to see a psychiatrist rarely feels clear. How do you know when it’s time to make an appointment? What if the diagnosis is severe? Will they prescribe medication? Read more ›


Stop Running (and other holiday tips for you and your teen)

written by Jenna Borrelli, LCSW, CHC

We are a society obsessed with running, and by running I don’t mean the physical activity of running, I mean running from one thing to the next, filling up our lives with countless activities, events, lists, other people, technology, and substances, so that we are rarely ever still and alone with ourselves. Read more ›


Talking to Your Child about Learning Differences


Written by Ann E. Lyke, , M.Ed., CHC Educational Specialist

Chances are, your child knew before you. She was the one sitting in class watching other kids figure out the answers before her. He was the one who pretended to read along with the class. She was the one who couldn’t remember the math facts when being timed. He was the one the teachers first told, “Pay better attention” and “You’re not trying hard enough.” Read more ›


How Much Do You Know About Speech and Language Development?

younggirl119How many words does a typical 18-month-old child speak?  Does speaking more than one language to a child confuse her or delay language development?  Test your knowledge about speech and language development in young children with this 10-question quiz developed by CHC’s speech and language pathology (SLP) team. Read more ›

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Executive Function Strategies for Summer

Written by Sharon Lo, Doctoral Psychology Intern at CHC and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford

More time, less pressure and lower stakes make summer the perfect time to refine critical skills.

girl summer109

As summer approaches, kids and teens grow antsy, counting the days until school lets out. Visions of sleeping late and hanging out with friends fill their heads, without distractions like homework, extracurricular activities or, well, school! Meanwhile, parents worry that skills like time management, organization and accountability will be left by the wayside, along with crumpled homework assignments and used-up school supplies. Read more ›


Building Bridges Between Mental Health and Learning Differences: Discussion and Q&A with CHC Experts [video]

Watch this Facebook Live discussion and Q&A session on learning differences and mental health, featuring three of CHC’s renowned clinical experts. Read more ›


Best Practices Across Borders


Written by Shirit Megiddo, M.S., CCC-SLP, BCS-CL

On March 19, CHC had the pleasure of hosting Physical Therapist Su Lin Ng and Speech-Language Pathologist Christine Bosch of Therapy Focus, a non-profit organization in Western Australia. As we compared best practice models used in the Bay Area/U.S. and Australia, two of the hot topics discussed were raising children bilingually and the inclusion model of therapy. Read more ›


Comorbid Autism Spectrum Disorder and OCD: Challenges in Diagnosis and Treatment

OCDautism95Interventions shown to be highly effective in treating symptoms of autism are already limited, but the options shrink even further in the presence of anxiety comorbidities, particularly obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

Research has been focused not only on identifying a specific anxiety disorder in children and adolescents with autism, but also in distinguishing between the symptoms of each disorder and how to treat each disorder. Read more ›

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

written by Liza Bennigson, Content Marketing Manager CHC

hands holding coffee-247835It’s hard to escape it: Christmas tunes on every radio station, snowflake cups at Starbucks, pine trees atop every other SUV. “It’s the hap-happiest season of all,” right?

Not necessarily. For many, the holidays amplify insecurities, social anxiety, financial stress, loved ones lost, or the fact that they can’t just “snap out” of their angst with a grande peppermint latte. Read more ›

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