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Gender Identity & Sexuality

mydigitalTAT2 385

My Digital TAT2 [web resource]

mydigitalTAT2 385My Digital TAT2 is a Silicon Valley nonprofit organization whose mission is to address one of the most challenging issues facing families today: how to build the healthy habits, critical thinking, and thoughtful online behavior necessary to integrate technology into our lives in a constructive way. Read more ›

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Reducing Isolation & Anxiety in LGBTQQ+ Teens [presentation] [video]

Do you have or know a child who is questioning gender identity or has identified as LGBTQ?

Hear about how you can support these youth in this session presented by Ryan Fouts, LCSW, Outlet Program Director at Adolescent Counseling Services (ACS). Read more ›


LGBTQ Youth and Bullying

stopbullying337Bullying puts youth at increased risk for depression, suicidal ideation, misuse of drugs and alcohol, risky sexual behavior, and can affect academics as well. For LGBTQ youth, that risk is even higher. Read more ›


Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network [web resource] [downloadable]

GLSEN335GLSEN (pronounced “glisten”) stands for the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, a national education organization working to create safe schools for all students. Read more ›


Transgender Suicide: How This LGBT Person Copes with Suicidal Thoughts

lgbtqq308When Shear Avory was a child, they’d look out the window and hope. For the bullying to stop. For conversion therapy to end. For Mom.

“I was constantly in a space of being unaccepted, unwelcomed and put down,” said Avory, who identifies as transgender and uses the personal identity pronouns they/them/theirs. “I think from those experiences, I’ve always held on to hope. … I had nothing else to rely on.” Read more ›


Many Ways to Be a Girl, but One Way to Be a Boy: The New Gender Rules

female282Girls have been told they can be anything they want to be, and it shows. They are seizing opportunities closed to previous generations — in science, math, sports and leadership.

But they’re also getting another message: What they look like matters more than any of that. Read more ›


What It’s Like to Be the Parent of a Trans* Kid

The following is a blog post written by venture capitalist Heidi Roizen after the suicide of trans teen Leelah Alcorn in 2014. Roizen recounts her own experience as a parent of a trans kid in the hope that it might help others. Read more ›


Gender Nonconforming Teens Face Higher Risk of Mental Distress

gendernonconforming245Compared to teens whose gender expression matches societal expectations, gender nonconforming adolescents may be more likely to experience mental health problems, a U.S. study suggests. Read more ›


American Academy of Pediatrics: Policy Statement on Supporting Transgender, Gender-Diverse Youths

lgbtq234In recent years, “gender identity” has increasingly been recognized as a complex concept that goes beyond traditional definitions of masculinity and femininity. Society struggles to adapt to and appreciate the diverse experiences of transgender and gender-diverse (TGD) individuals, which contributes to intolerance, discrimination and stigma. In this context, TGD youths and their families increasingly present to pediatric providers for advocacy, care and referrals. Read more ›


Resources for Developing Inclusive Schools [web resource] [downloadable]

welcomingschools220When students feel safe at school, they can thrive. Welcoming Schools, a project of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, offers an array of free resources designed to help educators and administrators create a welcoming school community. Read more ›

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