EdRev Expo 2018 Workshop: Empowering the Family Around ADHD [presentation]

The Masonic Center for Youth and Families (MCYAF) uses a collaborative approach to empower families to address the challenges that ADHD and learning differences present. This panel discussion provides practical guidance about how different professional perspectives can be utilized and integrated to support the child and family’s success. A neuropsychologist, psychiatrist, educational therapist, and individual and family therapist discuss different aspects of ADHD and learning, including neurodevelopment and biology, school performance, behavior, and family dynamics.

The speakers for this workshop are Jack Fahy, Ph.D., Allison Yuri Iwoaka-Scott, M.D., Hannah Jones, Psy.D., and Karen Shelton, M.Ed., all of the Masonic Center for Youth & Families.

View the slides:

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