EdRev Expo Workshop: Mindful Games & Activities: Developing a Mindfulness Practice for Students with Learning Differences [presentation]

“Mindfulness is a form of attention or awareness training that can be applied in any activity throughout the day- seeing, hearing, walking, eating, playing and homework. Its purpose is to increase self awareness, emotional balance, impulse control and overall focus.” (Mindful Schools 2013). In this session, middle school learning specialist Cori Maiden, M.S.Ed, and music teacher Cynthia Pistone, both from Charles Armstrong School, show how to practice these skills with students through mindful activities and games.

EdRev Expo is a unique annual event for the 1 in 5 students who learn differently and all who support them. Learn more about EdRev Expo.

CHC offers free community education sessions for teachers. Join us to learn practical teaching strategies you can use in your classroom to help more kids reach their promise and potential. Educator sessions are led by experienced teacher/clinician teams from Sand Hill School and CHC.

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