How to Use TikTok to Engage Students in Learning

TikTok in the classroom need not be a distraction that is banned but, rather, it can be a useful tool in helping teachers reach and engage with students on a deeper and more meaningful level.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media app that allows people to create and edit videos of three to 15 seconds or string together videos of up to 60 seconds. However, this is only when recorded within the app – if you upload from another source, videos can be longer. The platform is built to make music videos, lip-sync, dance, and comedy shorts, but it really lets you do anything you need, and is easy to use.

How can TikTok be used in the classroom?

Teachers are using TikTok as a way to set digital assignments. A very useful feature in the classroom, but even more so for remote learning and home-based assignments. These videos can be created by individuals or as group-based tasks.

The idea is to promote the use of the app to carry out an assignment, which engages students on a platform they can relate to and encourages them to understand concepts and in group scenarios, and helps with peer-to-peer teaching.

Access to content can be limited to a select group of friends or family, or in this case, to the classroom students and teacher only. So students and teachers can enjoy creating videos without the concerns that they will be viewed by a wider audience.

Here are some great suggestions of ways to use TikTok in the classroom and beyond.

Create a school wide platform

One of the great appeals of TikTok is its social media platform style, which allows students to become “influencers.” By creating a schoolwide, or even districtwide, group it encourages students to engage in the community.

Create a final project

Using TikTok to create a final project allows students to showcase what they’ve been working on, either individually or as a group. For inspiration, check out #finalproject on TikTok to see what other schools and students have already been doing from the more than one million videos logged under that hashtag.

Teach a lesson with TikTok

TikTok lesson plans are popular now as a way to help students engage in and beyond the classroom. For a history class, as an example, students can create 15-second video clips that succinctly summarize key points learned on a topic.

Explain lessons using TikTok

Teachers can also use TikTok to create short videos on specific subjects that students can watch. This is great for explaining lesson concepts. Not only does it mean a short and to the point video, but one that can be watched multiple times so students are able to revisit the guidance when working on the task.

Use TikTok to compare and contrast ideas

By using TikTok in the classroom, students can enjoy the app while learning. Teach a topic and then have students create videos which compare and contrast the points made.

Excerpted from “How Can TikTok Be Used in the Classroom?” in Tech & Learning. Read the full article for more details and to view sample educator- and student-created content.

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