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mydigitalTAT2 385My Digital TAT2 is a Silicon Valley nonprofit organization whose mission is to address one of the most challenging issues facing families today: how to build the healthy habits, critical thinking, and thoughtful online behavior necessary to integrate technology into our lives in a constructive way. My Digital TAT2 helps young people to understand their responsibility online, to make sure we all leave a positive digital footprint behind us.


My Digital TAT2 has programs for:

  • schools and students to help them understand their personal responsibility online.
  • parents and caregivers raise digitally resilient children who are capable of being thoughtful and responsible online.
  • professionals who want to better understand the effects of the digital world on young people.


Check out My Digital TAT2’s  resources for webinars and podcasts, Quick Guides (produced in Ppartnership with ConnectSafely), infographics, tip sheets, articles, and more.

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