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Suicide & Depression & Extracurricular Activities [video]

A symptom and cause of depression is isolation. Learn more about the importance of community and extracurricular activities in children’s lives. Read more »


Suicide & Depression & Learning Problems [video]

Is depression interfering with learning and school performance, or are school performance and learning issues causing depression? Watch this video to learn Read more »


Communicating with Your Teen [video]

Your teen is changing, and it’s a good time to rethink your approach to communication. Learn about the “think CALM” technique to better connect with and change your relationship with your teen. Read more »


Warning Signs of Depression & Suicide [video]

Would you recognize the warning signs of teen depression and suicide risk? What this video to learn what you should watch for. Read more »


Teen Depression & Suicidality [video]

Do you know the difference between a depressive mood, a depressive state,  and a depressive disorder? How are these related to suicidality?  Watch this short video to learn more. Read more »


Media & Internet Use: Parent Intervention [video]

How much media and Internet use is too much? Learn when you should intervene and set limits. Read more »


Media & Internet Use: Gaming [video]

Gaming and the associated role playing may simply be a social outlet, or it can be an addictive behavior or an escape from problems.  How can you evaluate the impact gaming has on your teen? Read more »


Media & Internet Use: Cyber-bullying [video]

What are the signs that your child is a victim of cyber bullying? Learn more about cyber bullying and its affects. Read more »


Media & Internet Use: Social Networking [video]

What do you need to know about your teen’s involvement with social media?  Watch this video to learn how to engage them in a discussion about their online behavior. Read more »


Media & Internet Use: Sexting [video]

Why do teens send explicit images and messages? How common is it, and how should you approach the topic with your child? Read more »

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