Reframing Classroom Management: A Toolkit for Educators [downloadable]

classroommanagement339Effective classroom management is critical to supporting student engagement and achievement. Reframing Classroom Management, a teaching resource created by Learning for Justice, offers educators a variety of tools to help demystify common behaviors and reinforce what works. Based on input from over 1,200 educators, the handouts help users foster empathy, avoid common mistakes, improve their teacher-student relationships and find alternatives to classroom removal.

The Model

The model and accompanying recommendations focus on student development rather than punishment.


  1. Understand and distinguish the behavior
  2. Rethink control and power dynamics
  3. Be proactive instead of reactive
  4. Respond to the child, not the behavior

Reframing Classroom Management also addresses what students are trying to communicate through their behavior and how educators can design interventions that address those needs in appropriate ways,  how educators can best communicate their investment in their students, the educator habits that make behavior worse, and educator habits that support student development and success.

Download a PDF of the handouts that comprise Reframing Classroom Management.

View the entire collection of free classroom resources from Learning for Justice, which range from film kits and lesson plans to the building blocks of a customized learning plan—texts, student tasks and teaching strategies.

About Learning for Justice

Learning for Justice is a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Their mission is to help teachers and schools educate children and youth to be active participants in a diverse democracy. Whether you’re looking for a text, a webinar or a grab-and-go lesson, these resources will help your students explore identity and diversity, recognize injustice and learn to take action:

Race & Ethnicity
Gender & Sexual Identity
Bullying & Bias
Rights & Activism

Source: Learning for Justice | Reframing Classroom Management: A Toolkit for Educators, | Southern Poverty Law Center ©1991-2019

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