Self-Injury & Recovery Resources [web resource]

The Self-Injury & Recovery Resources (SIRR) website is part of the Self-Injury & Recovery Resources research program at Cornell University.  The website summarizes the research program work and provides links and resources to self injury information.

Learn more about self-injury:

  • What is self-injury?
  • How common is it?
  • Why do people self-injure?
  • Detection, intervention, & treatment
  • Prevention

See categorized resources to help  you better understand self-injury:

  • Self-injury basics, myths & facts
  • Detection, intervention, & disclosure
  • Media
  • School protocols
  • Recovery
  • Treatment

Recovering from self-injury is both a journey and an experience with many stages.  Learn about the recovery process.

Resources are free and available for public use and distribution. The Self-Injury & Recovery Resources research program at Cornell University asks that their research program is appropriately cited as the source.

Source: Cornell University, College of Human Ecology | Self-injury & Recovery Resources (SIRR), | © 2022 The Cornell Research Program for Self-Injury Recovery

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