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6 Ways Educators Can Bolster Boys’ Social Skills

At a time when rates of loneliness are rising among young adults and researchers report that 15- to 24-year-olds spend nearly 70% less time socializing in-person with friends than they did two decades ago, boys face some distinct challenges. Read more ›

3 Research-Backed Tips for Teaching Forgiveness to Children

Forgiving and moving on is just as important in repairing a relationship as apologizing and making up for a mistake. As adults, we know the importance of forgiveness in our relationships, but what about for our children? How do they learn to forgive others and move on? And is there anything we can do to teach them to be more forgiving? Read more ›

CHC’s Occupational Therapy Gym Gets a Spring Refresh

What if a therapy room felt more like a playground? What if there were soft mats covering the floor, colorful walls, climbing spaces, and swinging trapezes? And what if, upon entering this special space, you were greeted by a friendly mini Aussiedoodle? This magical space you’re envisioning isn’t a mere fantasy—it’s the occupational therapy gym at CHC. Read more ›

How Parents Can Help Children with ADHD Thrive in Friendships

“Vibrant” is how Caroline Poisson describes her seven-year-old son. “He’s incredible, enthusiastic and curious,” she said. “And then there’s a side of what we call kryptonite and we talk about his ADHD brain, where there are some things that are just really hard for him.”
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BrightLife Kids: Behavioral Health Coaching for Parents, Caregivers, and Kids 0–12

BrightLife Kids, a CalHOPE program by Brightline, supports the mental health of families who live in California with children aged 0–12. BrightLife Kids is free for all California families.
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Help Your Child Learn to Regulate Their Emotions with Tucker the Turtle [video] [downloadable]

Tucker the Turtle is a fun interactive resource created to help children and families learn strategies to work through big feelings like anger. This user-friendly resource helps teach emotional regulation with a few simple steps. Read more ›

How to Help Teen Girls’ Mental Health Struggles – 6 Research-Based Strategies for Parents, Teachers and Friends

It’s a well-established fact that children’s and teens’ mental health took a hit during the pandemic. But new research suggests that teen girls in particular are suffering in unprecedented ways. Read more ›

Tackling Unhealed Trauma

Many young people growing up in American cities and neighborhoods shaped by violence experience persistent traumatic stress which impacts their learning, development, and mental health, through no fault of their own. The scope and complexity of the problem means there will never be enough therapists to cope with it, according to Shawn Ginwright, a Harvard Graduate School of Education scholar. Read more ›

Use Your Words, Not Your Hands— Emotional Regulation Strategies to Avoid Outbursts

Building a sophisticated emotions vocabulary helps children identify and communicate different types of feelings, which in turn helps them manage emotions in productive ways, instead of hitting, acting out, or withdrawing. Read more ›

4 Ways to Help Children Manage Emotions

Finding effective ways to help your child cope with big emotions has never been more important—or difficult! Here are some suggestions for what to do when your kids or teenagers express big feelings, like sadness, anger, and anxiety. Read more ›

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