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Nuestro Bienestar/Our Well-being [video] [presentation]

Cynthia Martinez, M.A., terapeuta de salud mental bilingue para CHC, apoyo a niños, adolescentes y familias para normalizar las necesidades de salud mental y apoyo en el proceso de pérdida, trauma, depresión y ansiedad. En esta presentación, ella discute el bienestar mental en la comunidad hispana y las formas en que podemos apoyar a nuestra juventud. Read more ›

Fostering Teen Mental Health and Well-Being [video]

Adolescence is a time of emerging independence, growth, and vulnerability.  Adolescents are also faced with an array of risk factors that can impede their progress and shape their journey.

In this community education presentation, CHC’s Pardis Khosravi, Psy.D., talks about adolescent development, influences, stressors, and  how parents and caregivers can support them on their journey and nurture resilience. Read more ›

Parent Burnout [video][presentation]

In this community education presentation, CHC’s Cassandra Sanchez, PsyD, discusses parent burnout— what it is, the signs to watch for, contributing factors, why it’s important to address these feelings, and what you can do about it.

The material is presented in English and Spanish. Read more ›

Help Your Child Learn to Regulate Their Emotions with Tucker the Turtle [video] [downloadable]

Tucker the Turtle is a fun interactive resource created to help children and families learn strategies to work through big feelings like anger. This user-friendly resource helps teach emotional regulation with a few simple steps. Read more ›

Wellbeing For Children: Resilience [video]

Have you ever been knocked down and found it difficult to get back up again? Or has something happened that was really tough to deal with and you’ve not known how to cope with it?
Read more ›

Anxiety and Stress in Teens [video]

The teenage years are ripe with new experiences, opportunities and challenges. Also during this time, teenagers’ brains are changing, and they want more independence and autonomy. During this time, there are also many stressors. Read more ›

How Parents and Their Adult Children Can Build Strong Relationships [video]

The lives of young adults look far different than they did a generation ago: The average age at which people marry and have children is higher than ever, and rising housing costs mean more young adults are living with parents. Laurence Steinberg, PhD, of Temple University, talks about how these changes are affecting the relationship between parents and their grown children. Read more ›

Does My IEP or 504 Plan Transfer to College? [video]

If you have had the benefit of accommodations through an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 plan, you may be wondering if your IEP or 504 plan will still apply after you graduate from high school.

In this video clip, Schwab Learning Center at CHC Consultant Sharmila Roy, PhD, answers this question. Read more ›

Young Adults: It’s Okay to Ask for Help [video] [downloadable]

Entering adulthood can be an emotional time, but sometimes the ups and downs can mean something more. Millions of young adults are living with a mental or substance use disorder and many either do not realize they have one or are not paying attention to the signs and not seeking help.  Read more ›

Free Guidance on Job Accommodations and Disability Employment Issues [web resource] [video]

Serving customers across the United States and around the world for more than 35 years, the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is the leading source of free, expert, and confidential guidance on job accommodations and disability employment issues. Read more ›

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