Does My IEP or 504 Plan Transfer to College? [video]

If you have had the benefit of accommodations through an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 plan, you may be wondering if your IEP or 504 plan will still apply after you graduate from high school.

In this video clip, Schwab Learning Center at CHC Consultant Sharmila Roy, PhD, answers this question.

Watch  the video:


The question for today is: Does my IEP or 504 plan transfer to college?

Hi, I’m Dr. Sharmila Roy. I work for the Schwab Learning Center at Children’s Health Council (CHC) as a consultant.

No, not necessarily is the simple answer, unless the specific college you are applying to says that they do need it. Although there is no law requiring updated testing in a college setting most colleges will ask for an updated evaluation within three years. This has to be submitted to receive accommodations in college. You will likely need to find and pay for this evaluation outside of a school setting. Also, some accommodations that you received in your previous setting prior to college may not be available in the college setting. For example, the option to take a test verbally instead of a written one. Hope that was helpful.

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