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Life Skills for Teens and Healthy Lifestyle Tips [web resource]

An important part of growing up is learning how to take care of yourself.

Set to Go, a collection of tools and information from the JED Foundation, helps you prepare for a successful transition to college. Read more ›

Here’s Why You Should Make a Habit of Having More Fun

When was the last time you flew too high on a swing and lost your stomach, or busted out laughing so hard that you started crying? If it’s been awhile since you’ve had this kind of fun, you’re not alone. Read more ›

How to Help Young People Limit Screen Time — and Feel Better About How They Look

U.S. teens spend more than eight hours a day on screens, and there’s growing concern over how social media may affect their mental health. Now, a study published by the American Psychological Association, validates what some parents have experienced when their teenagers cut back: They seem to feel better about themselves. Read more ›

Life Balance for Young Adults

In our fast-paced world, juggling academics, work, community service, and other responsibilities can be overwhelming. This constant juggle can affect your overall health and well-being.

Not having balance in life often results in increased stress that can negatively impact relationships, as well as work and school performance. As you strive for excellence in your work, make sure you include time in your schedule for activities that recharge you. Read more ›

Pursue What You Love

We have all heard the phrase, “find a job you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.” But is it really possible? Do we have to choose between happiness and a living wage? What if we’re still figuring out what fulfills us? Read more ›

Sleep Tips for Teens [downloadable]

Do you occasionally—or maybe more than occasionally— have trouble falling asleep?  Try these sleep tips from the University of Washington Medical Center. Read more ›

5 Simple Tips to Improve Teen Sleep Habits

Teenagers may experience difficulty falling or staying asleep, or insomnia, for many reasons. Disrupted sleep can negatively impact your teen’s mental and physical health. Read more ›

Sleep Problems in Your Teen: Care Instructions

Children in their teenage years may begin having problems sleeping. There is no “right” amount of sleep for teens. Each child’s needs are different. But some teens have sleep problems that keep them from getting the sleep they need. Read more ›

How Schools Can Help Overloaded Teens

Teenagers need 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night to be at their best, but few get anywhere near that amount. That’s often due to factors outside their control, like school hours and homework levels.

Many schools have been taking notice — and making changes to promote teen sleep. Read more ›

Stand Up to Stress! Coloring and Activity Book for Kids [downloadable]

Did you know that connecting with friends and family is one great way to cope with stress?

This free coloring and activity book teaches children ages 8-12 about stress and anxiety and offers tips for coping in a healthy way. Read more ›

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