Anxiety & Depression

A Minecraft Server for Grieving Kids

ExperienceCraft is a Minecraft server that is not all that different from other Minecraft multiplayer servers. Kids who join the server are able to build, chat, play, and share with one another across a wide variety of in-game activities. But those who participate in this server have all had one unfortunate experience that ties them together.

“Every kid there has lost somebody important to them in their life,” says Katie Salen, who is one of the drivers of the program. Read more ›

Resources for Responding to Trauma

After a tragic event, you may find yourself struggling with how to talk to your child about their feelings and fears. Read more ›

Panic Disorder: When Fear Overwhelms

Do you sometimes have sudden attacks of anxiety and overwhelming fear that last for several minutes? Maybe your heart pounds, you sweat, and you feel like you can’t breathe or think clearly. Do these attacks occur at unpredictable times with no apparent trigger, causing you to worry about the possibility of having another one at any time? Read more ›

Depression [downloadable]

Everyone feels sad or low sometimes, but these feelings usually pass with a little time. Depression (also called major depressive disorder or clinical depression) is different. It can cause severe symptoms that affect how you feel, think, and handle daily activities, such as sleeping, eating, or working. Read more ›

Stand Up to Stress! Coloring and Activity Book for Kids [downloadable]

Did you know that connecting with friends and family is one great way to cope with stress?

This free coloring and activity book teaches children ages 8-12 about stress and anxiety and offers tips for coping in a healthy way. Read more ›

Mental Health Conditions and the Family Medical Leave Act

Did you know that The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)  provides job-protected leave to address mental health conditions? Learn more about eligibility and qualifying conditions in this fact sheet from the U.S. Department of Labor. Read more ›

Expert Advice When “It’s [Not] the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

We all know that “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” doesn’t apply to everyone. So we asked our CHC experts:

“What piece of advice, mantra or affirmation would you offer someone for whom the holidays are less a time of unbridled joy and more a period of painful reflection, sadness, loneliness, anxiety, and/or depression?” Read more ›

Gifted Children With ADHD, and the Challenges Their Parents Face

With the new school year underway, some parents will have a harder time than others because of a little known, but very real phenomenon: their child is “twice exceptional.” These children have both the potential for high achievement (“gifted”) and a one or more disabilities, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or generalized anxiety. Read more ›

Pandemic Stress Prematurely Aged Teens’ Brains, Stanford Study Finds

The stress from the pandemic prematurely aged adolescents’ brains, according to a new Stanford University study that adds to the growing list of the lockdown’s troubling impacts on teens. Read more ›

Hospitalizations for Eating Disorders Grew in the Pandemic

Alongside the many impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on pediatric care, researchers have seen a stark increase in young adults seeking treatment for disordered eating behaviors. Read more ›

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