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Helping Gifted Children With Common Homework Problems

The last thing most parents of gifted children would think their kids will have problems with is homework. After all, gifted children are cognitively advanced and learn quickly. Read more ›

Poor School Performance and How Parents Can Help

Regardless of your child’s age, the occasional school struggle is normal. But when that struggle becomes a pattern, it often raises concern―from parents and/or teachers. Read more ›

My Child is Falling Behind in School. Now What?

Everything seemed to be going OK. But now your child is struggling to keep up in class and is falling behind. You may wonder, is this just a rough patch? Or is something else going on? Read more ›

How to Determine If Traditional Education Isn’t Working for Your Child

Children know when something isn’t working for them but they may not have the words available to explain why. Younger children especially may know they are unhappy but not have an emotional understanding to know what is causing the problem. Read more ›

Strengths of Dyslexia – A Conversation with Charles Schwab [video]

Charles Schwab speaks with Nicole Ofiesh, Director of the Schwab Learning Center at CHC, about his dyslexia, the gifts of his unique way of thinking and the challenges he has had to face over the lifespan. Read more ›

Leave Your Assumptions at the Door — A Unique Learning Center Designed for Those Who Learn Differently

written by Liza Bennigson, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications

When creative ad agency, Gershoni Creative was hired to design the space for the Schwab Learning Center at CHC (SLC@CHC), the project scope went far beyond an art installation. The goal was “to create a highly visual, immersive experience…that welcomes students and encourages thinking beyond the norm.” Read more ›

Debunking the Myths about Dyslexia

Dyslexia Help, an online resource produced by the University of Michigan, addresses some of the popular misconceptions and myths surrounding dyslexia and language-based learning disabilities. Read more ›

7 Warning Signs Your Child Is Struggling in School

Something isn’t right; lately your child seems less than enthusiastic about school. They appear withdrawn and have started complaining about an upset stomach every Sunday evening. But are they struggling in school or could it be something else? Read more ›

School Struggles and Your Child: Expert Tips

It’s natural for all students to struggle some in school. But if your child is consistently facing the same issues, it’s worth looking for ways to help him or her. Read more ›

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