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Teach Kindness: A 4-Week Challenge to Strengthen School Communities [web resource] [downloadable]

Kindness is more than just “being nice” – it’s a skill. Like other skills, it can and should be taught, reinforced, and celebrated. Kind schools are more effective at helping students succeed, both in school and in life. At schools where educators intentionally teach, foster, and celebrate kindness, students feel a greater sense of safety, support, and acceptance.

Teach Kindness is an easy and no cost way to foster kindness and improve school climate in grades K-8. 

What is Teach Kindness?

Teach Kindness is a four-week challenge that provides an exciting opportunity for your school to become stronger and kinder. It is designed to complement and add additional value to the lessons schools are already teaching.

The program provides resources to schools and educators across four categories, including:

  • Strengthening Peer Relationships
  • Developing Positive Mindsets
  • Fostering Student Empathy
  • Spreading Cyber-Kindness

Minimal time is required of teachers and other school staff. All activities can be implemented within a regular class period. The challenge lasts for 30 days and individual lessons range from 10 minutes up to an hour.

Teach Kindness can be successfully completed by any school in three steps:

  1. Sign up for Teach Kindness on our website, then recruit at least 25% of your colleagues to participate.
  2. Participating teachers have 4 weeks to teach at least 4 activities of their choosing, all provided by leading social-emotional learning experts.
  3. Create a “Kindness Ritual” to make kindness an ongoing aspect of your school culture.

Download the Teach Kindness information sheet.

Only a staff member at a school can accept the Challenge. But, any parent or family member can share this opportunity with your school.

Interested? Join the Teach Kindness Challenge.

Source: Teach Kindness | Teach Kindness, https://weteachkindness.org | © 2019 Stand For Children
Teach Kindness is a unique collaboration among leading education organizations, distinguished teachers, and acclaimed researchers. By participating in Teach Kindness, educators gain access to research-based classroom lessons, free of charge, to make their school a kinder, more welcoming environment for students.

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