About The CHC Breakfast

Each year, CHC hosts a breakfast and panel on a topic of interest to parents and the community. We bring together well-known speakers, writers and professionals who can help us with the critical job of raising our children and teens.

The CHC Breakfast 2023

Your Roadmap for Raising Thriving Youth

Raising our youth in today’s complex world is a journey. Having a destination and a roadmap can be invaluable. At our 10th Anniversary CHC Breakfast, Christine Carter, PhD shared thoughts from her recent book, The New Adolescence, followed by an informative and engaging conversation based on scientific research and practical applications with CHC’s Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Ramsey Khasho.

The CHC Breakfast 2022

Stories of Hope and a Vision for the Future

Hope. Play. Connection. Laughter. Joy. Stability. The need has never been greater, and our journey ahead will require an extraordinary amount of community support to meet the increasing demand for the comprehensive and integrated services we provide. This engaging and enlightening event offers valuable strategies that provide a positive and inspiring path forward from here as we all work to meet the needs of our children, teens and young adults. Acclaimed parenting author and speaker, Julie Lythcott-Haims, moderates with warmth, humor and authenticity.

The CHC Breakfast 2021

Healing Together: Our Kids. Our Confidence. Our Community.

For almost a year our kids have been cooped up at home, sitting in front of screens, trying to deal with online school, missing friends and milestones. Now, the very thing we want the most — to re-enter the world — is causing unease and apprehension. Dr. Leah Weiss, Dr. Denise Pope, Dr. Vidya Krishnan and moderator Kristen Sze offer insights and important practical advice to lead us forward with courage, connection and compassion.

The CHC Breakfast 2020

The Gifts and Challenges of Dyslexia and ADHD

Dyslexia and ADHD present some of the greatest challenges for our children and teens — and also provide unique gifts beyond our imagination. What would happen if we would recognize everyone’s strengths and embrace neurodiversity as a culture? Featuring Guest Speaker Dean Bragonier on reducing stigma, celebrating neuro-diversity, and building community in education, with panelists Dr. Vivien Keil, Beth Kawasaki, and moderator Dr. Rosalie Whitlock.

The CHC Breakfast 2019

The Power of Parent Vulnerability: Raising a Child with Learning and Mental Health Differences

Parenting is a lifelong journey. The sheer size of our responsibility can make us feel isolated and vulnerable. Keynote speakers David Flink and Dr. Shashank Joshi, along with Suzanne Crandall and Dr. Rosalie Whitlock, inspire us and show us that our vulnerability can actually lead to power.

The CHC Breakfast: The Power of Parent Vulnerability: Raising a Child with Learning & Mental Health Challenges
The CHC Breakfast 2018

Building Bridges between Mental Health and Learning

The fifth annual CHC Breakfast, held on March 22, 2018 continued the conversation to reduce stigma and support mental wellness. With special guests Stephen P. Hinshaw, PhD, internationally recognized author and psychologist; Dewey Rosetti, parent, author, youth advocate, co-founder of Parents Education Network; and Ramsey Khasho, PsyD, Chief Clinical Officer, CHC Clinical Services.

The CHC Breakfast 2017

Partnering for Mental Health, The Conversation Continues

The CHC Breakfast on March 16, 2017 continued the conversation about the serious issue of teen anxiety, depression and suicide in our community and what we and our partners are doing about it. Nancy Lublin, Founder & CEO, Crisis Text Line and Jayne Appel, WNBA Star, Bring Change 2 Mind.

The CHC Breakfast: Partnering for Mental Health: The Conversation Continues
The CHC Breakfast 2016

Promise and Potential, A Focus on Teen Mental Health

On February 2, 2016 this event brought together a panel of experts to talk about the serious issue of teen anxiety and depression in our community and what we can do about it. Stacy Drazan, Julie Lythcott-Haims, Denise Pope, Chris Harris, Jenny Jaffe. This is a community call to action.

Promise and Potential: A focus on mental health
The CHC Breakfast 2015

The Mask You Live In

Filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom brought us her amazing documentary on growing up make in America and with her panel helped us think about how to get rid of male stereotyping with our boys and men.

The Mask You Live In
The CHC Breakfast 2014

Glitter and Glue

Author Kelly Corrigan brought her particular point of view and experience to the delicate dance between mothers and their daughters as they navigate their relationship over time.