Healing Together: CHC Virtual Breakfast [video]

We all have some degree of ‘re-entry anxiety’ — whether it’s going back to the workplace, sending our kids to school, or re-engaging with friends and family. The very thing we want the most — to re-enter the world — is causing unease and apprehension. This online gathering features an in-depth conversation with a blue ribbon panel of experts who will offer insights and important practical advice on re-engaging.

For almost a year our kids have been cooped up at home, sitting in front of screens, trying to deal with online school, missing friends and milestones. Our family journeys have been varied, but most mental health experts agree that we’ve been through a huge emotional experience that will probably continue long after the physical threats of COVID are behind us.

We want life to resemble what it was before COVID, yet we don’t know if that’s possible, and we are uncertain about how safe it really is to re-engage. Have we fallen so out of practice with socializing that we don’t know how to do it? And what about our kids?

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A conversation with experts about insights and important practical advice to help us re-engage.

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