10 Signs of Dyslexia in Children That Parents Should Look Out For

These are the 10 signs to look out for if you suspect dyslexia in your child, according to experts.

To mark Dyslexia Awareness Week, IDL has put together the following list of signs to keep an eye out for:

1. Confusing similar letters like p and q, or b and d. This will naturally happen as children develop their handwriting skills, but persistent mistakes can be a key indicator of visual processing problems.

2. Difficulty remembering sequences like days of the week, or the alphabet. Disordered processes resulting from dyslexia can make it harder for children to recall patterns like these.

3. Anxiety from reading or writing. Many children with dyslexia are unsure about their accuracy with both, and might panic when asked to read – especially aloud.

4. Preference to dictate written work. Apart from taking longer to write things by hand, many children with dyslexia are verbally eloquent but struggle when they’re asked to write things down.

5. Misspelling the same word in different ways. Over the course of a single task, a child with dyslexia might spell “help” as “hlep”, “hepl” and “hpel” without noticing.

6. Confusing similarly-spelled or sounding words, eg: bred and bread. Dyslexic children can be confused by words that sound and look the same, and can easily replace one with another in haste.

7. Difficulty recognizing commonly used words. This is usually caused by the anxiety of thinking they know the word but are worried they will get it wrong, as much as it is caused by dyslexia itself.

8. Swapping words or phrases from lines above or below the one they are reading. Children with dyslexia often comment that they see words “dancing” around the page, which will also make it harder for them to follow a story or instructions.

9. Sloppy handwriting, or poor motor skills. While this is natural in children as they develop, children who show no sign of improvement could be struggling with visual processing difficulties.

10. Trouble understanding or remembering instructions. Issues with memory, such as forgetting the date even after being told, or simple verbal instructions can be indicative of dyslexia in children.

Excerpted from “10 Signs of Dyslexia in Children That Parents Should Look Out For “in Chronicle Live. Read the full article online.

Source: Chronicle Live | 10 Signs of Dyslexia in Children That Parents Should Look Out For, https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/uk-news/10-signs-dyslexia-children-parents-21799563

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