The Gifts and Challenges of Dyslexia and ADHD – Resources from the 2020 CHC Breakfast

The CHC Breakfast 2020Dyslexia and ADHD present some of the greatest challenges for our children and teens— and also provide gifts beyond our imagination. Let us discover our strengths and embrace neurodiversity as a culture. The resources below will support you in continuing to building a community that celebrates difference as strength.

EdRev Expo 2019 Spotlight Session: The Dyslexic Renaissance—A Paradigm of Opportunity [presentation]

Empowering Kids Who Learn Differently

Their Beautiful Minds: The Smart Child Who Struggles

An Evening with Dr. Edward Hallowell Rethinking ADHD: A New Approach

Five Ways to Help Children with ADHD Develop Their Strengths

Signature Event: An Evening with Jonathan Mooney

EdRev Expo 2019 Workshop: Heroic ADHD [presentation]

EdRev Expo 2019 Spotlight Session: Diverse Thinkers in the 21st Century: Unlocking Potential through Understanding How People Learn [presentation]

EdRev Expo 2019 Workshop: Empowering Your Child with ADHD [presentation]

The Creativity of ADHD

What I Wish the World Knew About My Child’s ADHD

EdRev Expo 2018 Workshop: ADHD is a Superpower! Believe It and Change Our World! [presentation] [downloadable]

Raising Kids with Dyslexia: Advice from a Mom on a Mission

ADHD, Anxiety or Both? [presentation]

Book: The Dyslexic Advantage

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