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Anxiety and Twice Exceptional (2e) Child [downloadable]

Students who are twice-exceptional (2e) have tremendous intellectual gifts alongside a wide range of possible learning challenges — attention differences, slow processing speed, social immaturity, and/or weak executive function skills, just to name a few of the possibilities. This asynchronous development can make it extremely challenging to meet their unique needs and contribute to significant mental health conditions such as anxiety.

At The Nueva School‘s biennial Innovative Learning Conference, Vivien Keil, Clinical Director and Neuropsychologist at CHC, discussed the profiles of 2e students, why they experience anxiety, and how parents and educators can help support these exceptional youth.

Check out this incredible graphic representation of her presentation:

Want a closer look? Download a PDF of this graphic.

Learn more about what it means to be twice exceptional by exploring the 2e resources in CHC’s free, online library.

To schedule an evaluation or to get advice about your child’s challenges, call or email a CHC Clinical Services Coordinator at 650.688.3625 or careteam@chconline.org

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